We Know Seed Treatment

Four Seasons has a bulk soybean system designed to give our clients greater flexibility in their soybean seed purchases.  Soybean seed customers in the area can either pickup or have delivered, bulk soybean seeds from the Four Seasons Crop Care facility.   Four Seasons Crop Care offers various seed tenders and bulk handling equipment to fit the needs of the customer.  Soybean seed treatment is rapidly increasing across the US.  Increased yields, increased plant health and the ability to lower seeding rates has made treating soybeans very cost effective.  Placing the treater closer to the grower has enormous advantages.  The decision to treat can be made at the time of planting rather than months in advance.  Planting soybeans earlier and high manure rates in our area have made treating with a combination insecticide and fungicide vital to the success of a seeding.

Our Products and Services

We Know Seed

AgriGold sells only the best seed corn.  Combined with the Field GX system, perfect genetic placement is achieved on every farm.  Handpicked genetic families based upon background and agronomic characteristics simplify management and reduce risk on your farm.  More Diversity, Less Risk, Greater Yield.

Four Seasons is a member of the Northeast AG Seed Group.  More information on AgriGold seed can be obtained at www.neagseed.com  or atwww.agrigold.com

Pond/AGI are very picky about their soybean seed and the seed quality.  It is literally the most fussed over soybean seed in the industry.  Pond and AGI selects only the soybeans and traits best suited for the area in which the crop will be grown.  Pond sizes seed to ensure a consistent planting rate for a uniform stand and maximum yield. 

CROPLAN alfalfa is the standard for quality alfalfa.  Hybrids are selected based on our clients specific needs and management practices

We Know Fertility

Four Seasons has a state-of-the-art, computerized liquid fertilizer blend plant, designed to bring top quality products to our customers. This plant, in conjunction with our fleet of stainless steel trailers, puts just the right blend of quality fluid fertilizers directly to our customers.  Our fertilizers are custom blended to met our clients exact specifications and needs.

We Know Custom Application

At Four Seasons, we use state of the art application equipment designed to apply fertilizers and crop protection products to your crop land, quickly, efficiently and accurately. We use full flotation applicators by Miller and high clearance units by John Deere. These rigs are full computerized, GPS equipped, and VRT capable. Our operators are highly trained, dedicated, experienced, and professional.  Four Seasons is recognized as a leader in computer and GPS technologies.  We do extensive geo-referenced mapping, soil sampling, yield map generation, nutrient management plans, nutrient management record keeping, and scouting. We can utilize all yield data from any yield monitor system and provide the record keeping tools necessary to comply with nutrient management plans. Our field representative staff is CCA certified and trained to make the best crop management recommendations to maximize our customer's crop profitability.